Friday, May 4, 2012

Blog Response to Nancy Lublin, Texting that Saves Lives

Blog Response to Nancy Lublin, Texting that Saves Lives
                Nancy Lublin’s TED talk about how texting can save lives was very eye-opening and challenged many ideas. Everyone knows that texting is a very big part of many teens lives. Most of us (myself included) are on our phones nearly 24/7. It’s how we stay connected, entertained, and according to Nancy Lublin, safe. Lublin created a hotline for kids to be able to text if they are ever undergoing trouble in their lives or having bad thoughts such as suicide. This hotline is a great place for kids to go to just vent about bullying, school, family, or any problems they may have and they are able to get answers and advice. The great thing about this hotline is that it can be accessed anywhere. Anyone who has a phone is able to get advice around the clock and I personally think this is a great idea.
                One thing that made this TED talk so inspiring was the way Lublin presented it. It was obvious that she was very passionate about this topic and she really did a great job of connecting with the audience. She gave examples that everyone can connect with and let’s be honest, every person in the world has been teased or bullied at one point in their life and this is a great way for these people to find relief.  Lublin is very energized during her speech which is great for keeping the audience involved but when she talks about these kids that are getting bullied she becomes quiet and serious which really helped me understand the severity of the presentation.  Not only was I intrigued it was obvious that the audience was very intrigued by her amazing speech. She made her point clear and I personally think that her hotline is just one of the many things that will change the world.

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