Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog Response to Clay Shirky's "Why SOPA is a bad idea"

Clay Shirky believes that the new SOPA bill that congress may pass is a bad idea. I very much agree with him. SOPA stands for the Stop Online Piracy Act. What SOPA will do is take away many freedoms online and in modern media today. Clay Shirky knows that this is a bad idea and points out some of the many flaws it has. Shirky says the real threat of SOPA and PIPA (a similar bill basically known as Protect IP) is our ability to share things with one another yet SOPA turns that into “you can’t share, till you show us that you’re not sharing something we don’t like. Shirky also tells us how if it costs even a dime to police a user, that user will be policed if they are sharing unapproved media. This connects with me because I personally love to watch YouTube videos and listen to music from online sights. This affects me because any YouTube video with ANY piece of uncopywritted content would be taken down. This means that all song remixes and movie mashups would be taken down and even things such as game plays of things such as Call of Duty. All of which are a very big part of web entertainment for kids of my generation. This would change the web as we know it. There is a great video on the web that explains more of SOPA’s flaws from a non government point of view and can be seen here:


Clay Shirky is very effective with his speaking. Throughout his TED talk one thing I noticed him do was make eye contact with the audience. He was never looking down and made it easier to connect with him as he talked knowing that he was confident. He also used very good examples in his talk which made it easier to understand his points. Some of these examples were even humorous which was very helpful. Shirky had a very simple presentation but it was effective. His direct talking to the audience and use of examples made the speech easy to understand and enjoyable to listen to.

This video matters because SOPA affects everyone. With taking away the ability to share media online they are taking away many things. YouTube is a fantastic place to find out about new music, the problem with this is that not all people who share this music have copy write for it. Most artists don’t mind this at all and it actually helps them get more popular, in fact YouTube is how many big artists today got started, Justin Beiber as an example. By talking away this ability to share things such as music it will be much harder for artists to even get a shot at the limelight and it will make it difficult for average people to enjoy some of this fantastic music which can be found on the web. SOPA will also take away many forms of entertainment. Believe it or not there are people on YouTube who make game plays of things like Call of Duty or Minecraft that have over one million subscribers. SOPA would make these game plays impossible by making the YouTub-er have to get permission from the gaming company to make these videos and also from the artist to use the background music. Not an easy task. SOPA affects everyone and I agree with Clay Shirky that it is a bad idea.

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