Monday, April 16, 2012

Blog Response to Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk

Blog Response to Sir Ken Robinson’s “Schools kill creativity”

Sir Ken Robinson is a firm believer that schools kill creativity. This was the focus of his TED talk that allowed others to see his views on the many flaws of today’s education. Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk was very well formatted. He used some humor to help the audience get involved but also was able to leave lasting impressions with his speech. Robinson started his presentation by showing the audience what he thought would be a better education than what we use today. He talked of how studies like English and math are very important but are definitely not more important than subjects such as dance and art that are less valued in modern education. Robinson talked of how these subjects can be just as valuable to a child’s education as things like math and science. I can agree with Robinson on this and very much think that creative subjects should be promoted much more in modern day education. Some kids may not want to be scientists or doctors when they grow up, some may choose to be a painter or dancer and they should be given equal opportunity to succeed. More examples of how these subjects can be beneficial can be seen in the following article:

One reason Robinson’s speech may have gone over so well was because of the way he presented it. By speaking with humor and connecting the audience he was able to make it easier for people to understand what he was attempting to put across and it also helped the audience feel more connected to the speech. By inserting humorous lines or jokes into his speech he was able to keep the audience entertained and involved. Robinson’s speech technique was very good and these skills were very beneficial to his TED talk.

I can personally connect with this video very much. My current schedule consists of geometry, English, biology, business technology, and Spanish. I enjoy all of these classes but I hardly get to embrace some of the creative aspects of my personality in them. I would love to take a class such as art or music but they are not as valued in the education system of today and are not as important for people who may decide my future. In most societies kids go to school in the hopes to get a good job and live a stable life. Robinson touched on this subject and talked about just how flawed it is that children of today go through the motions not out of passion but simply to achieve that stable job everyone craves.

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