Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Response to Robert Ballard on exploring the ocean

Blog Response to Robert Ballard on exploring the ocean
    Robert Ballard’s TED talk on exploring the ocean was very interesting. Ballard really showed me how many resources our planet has to offer and how so much of our world is unexplored. According to him 72% percent of our world is almost completely unexplored. Ballard says that there are massive deposits of minerals and other substances buried in the ocean. If humans were to take advantage of this and make a bigger effort to explore our ocean I think we would benefit a lot.

    Robert Ballard’s speaking was amazing. He was very passionate about the subject and was able to pull the audience in with fascination and curiosity. He always was very prepared and this really helped as well, he always knew what he was going to say. Ballard also had many different pictures which he showed throughout the presentation that really improved his presentation.
    My only worry with Ballard’s want to explore and utilize the reasources of the ocean fully is that we will deplete those resources harming the ecosystem of the ocean. Humans have a tendency to not think about the environment before they act and I worry if we got to invlovled with the ocean ecosystem that we would harm it for selfish reasons. Examples of this harm can already be seen when you look at endangered species like whales which humans hunted for ages almost making them extinct. I do believe that we should explore the ocean and its resources but I know we have to be careful to not harm anything when we do so or the consequences could be very bad.

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